Monday, August 28, 2017

Food Prep 8/28

My friend had a huge zucchini that she got from someone she works with, so I wanted to hurry up and use it.  So I looked up a sauce combination that went well with zucchini.  I usually use pesto, but wanted to try something different.  I found a recipe on Lemon and Basil for lentil sauce and tried that.

For my cousin, I don't think he was ready for zucchini pasta, so I gave him veggie pasta instead. Garden Veggie Rotini.  I need his calorie count to stay within a certain range, so he had a good helping of both pasta and sauce.

With my pasta I found a vegan Parmesan to add, and for his pasta I am giving him true Parmesan.  He is eating more of a vegetarian diet for now.  I don't know if he is prepared to go cold turkey, so I don't want him to give up.  He also has the Garlic knots sold at Wal-Mart, they are delicious and I am jealous that I couldn't add it to my meal plan.

OOTD Week 8/21-8/25

I went with blue this week.  I have some "new" old pants that I wanted to wear, and if you know me, you know I love to wear a patterned pant with a patterned top.  So this is what I chose for Monday.

Every pair of pants that I have on this week, are either smaller in size or too big and hiked up so you can't tell they are too big.  For now I am ok with them being too big, because I can take them in.

I loved everything I wore this whole week!  You have no idea how damn happy I am.

Food Prep 8/21

This week I have gotten my cousin on board with plant based eating.  He is in need of weight loss just as much I am so I am happy he was willing to try.  We kept it simple with burgers and fries. Trying to ease him into it.  I made the Beyond Meat burgers and made homemade potatoes.  He had BBQ ranch as his sauce.  It wasn't vegan, but it was such a small amount of dairy products that it won't affect his weight loss.

My friend was in Canada and brought back Big Mac sauce, which tasted exactly like it however, it made me very sick.  Not sure what is different about it, but I more than likely will not use it again.

We both had the same bread, the Hawaiian hamburger buns, Chao creamy original cheese and avocado.  He doesn't like any veggies on his burger, but I had tomato, onion and lettuce.  I also had my veggie bacon.  He did have real bacon on his burgers, because it was recently purchased as groceries before he made the switch.

The pics aren't great this week, but I have one of my completed burger and his prepped meat and potatoes.

OOTD Week 8/14-8/18

This was a week of black.  I had a new shirt that is a bizarre color.  A little gray looking and in some angles it is green looking.  So I figured black would be the best color with this top.
I also had some new shoes I wanted to wear, so it was perfect.

I must say, I am really enjoying my new weight loss and so now, dressing for work is even more fun than I already think it is.  Enjoy my happy outfits!

Food Prep 8/14

This week I made a vegan mac and cheese.  I have been wanting to attempt to make a cashew cheese for a while, so I am happy I did.  I used a recipe from The Chic Natural, I really like her and I like that she eats pretty clean as far as I've noticed.

I had some left over "American cheese" that I added to the top.  I won't do that again, it got so chewy when I baked it, yuck!  Everything else about the mac was very good.  I do think to make this again, I need to add a creamier base.  I will use almond milk or some other non-dairy milk.  But all in all it was pretty damn good.

I added my vegan hot dogs as well, because I really had a taste for childish food.

Friday, August 18, 2017

OOTD Week 8/7-8/11

This week I did army green again this week.  I love that color, and love to wear it as much as I can.  Plus I really love the jacket I wore on Monday, so any excuse to wear it is a good one in my eyes.  I especially loved my outfit on Friday.  I had my mom buy me some jeans, and it turned out that I found a sweater at New York and Company, that matched really well.  I also got an amazing deal on the booties at DSW--$ naturally I had to wear them.

I didn't even take a pick of my nails.  But just know they were green!

Food Prep Week 8/7

This was the week of trying something new.  I had a taste for breakfast, so I made a vegan quiche.  It was interesting, I will switch it up, if I ever make it again.  But all in all it was very good and filling.

I used faux eggs, sausage, cheese.  Mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, black beans and spinach.

Enjoy all the pics of my makings.



Friday, August 4, 2017

OOTD Week 7/31

This week my color was aqua or dark turquoise.  It is in that family.  So some days the colors are an exact match and other days same family.

I think I really looked sharp and skinny on Monday and was quite pleased with my look!  Tuesday, I wore a shirt that was my mom's, it is meant to be big and not tucked in, but it is too big.  So I gave it back to her.

Food Prep Week 7/31-8/4

This week I craved tuna.  Not vegan style, for real tuna, with all the fixins. But I cannot seem to make my tuna taste good.  Or maybe that is one item I prefer my mother to make.  So that's what I did.  Had her make it for me.  And boy was it delish!

I still had enough of my protein bread from last week left so I used that.  But I did need to buy more toppings.  I had avocado, lettuce, tomato, pickles and my left over onion from last week.  I also used my honey mustard because I love that stuff.  I was going to make a tuna melt one of these days but opted against it.  I also ate my sandwiches with Doritos.  That is my most favorite combination.

Enjoy this huge sandwich I ate this week, that I loved and enjoyed.  I have some tuna left, so I will be eating it tonight, with Ritz Crackers.  My true favorite combo, but not quite filling enough.

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