Monday, June 26, 2017

Food Prep Week 6/19-6/22

So this week I made delicious burgers.  I mean when I said they tasted like real meat...damn!  They were good as hell.  I used the Beyond Meat  beast patties.  They were a little oily for my tastes, and smelled like cat food out of the package.  But the taste was amazing.  I found them at Safeway, in my area only Whole Foods and Safeway carry them.

Enjoy the delicious pics.  I made some potatoes to go with them.

OOTD Week 6/19

The color of the week was White.  However, we had a spirit day on Thursday and had to wear as much blue as possible, to win a lunch.  You know your girl came thru with the win...check the pics at the end!

Blue Day Results:

                                     And my winning lunch...I decided to eat meat and cheese  

Friday, June 16, 2017

Food Prep Week 6/12-6/16

I am still using the Vegan Cookbook from last week.  This week I picked chili.  I love chili, but I don't like soupy chili.  I am not a fan of the broth.  I miss eating my quick chili, it's so dang good.

In this chili I have, onion and bell pepper.  I should have added mushrooms, but totally forgot.  I also have kidney beans, black beans and corn.  I was going to add some Rotel, but I wasn't in the mood for too spicy.  In hindsight, I should have added it, just to make the chili a little more thick.  But it was good enough.

OOTD Week 6/12

This week is light pink.  I went to NY&Co and used up a lot of my coupons.  That's really the only way to shop I had some killer deals so I had to go see what they were offering.  There wasn't much that I was thrilled about, but I did get some cute pants--2 sizes smaller I might add-that I knew I had to wear Monday.  And a cardigan and blouse, that will be seen below.  I got some other pieces, but they didn't match my color theme.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Food Prep-Week 6/5-6/8

I am still doing IF, and I have switched it up to having my CLA shake and some peanuts for lunch and then a nice dinner.

I bought a really nice vegan cookbook and so far I love it. I attempted to make a baked potato taco. Using lentils as my meat product.  Why I never thought of that myself I will never understand...but I'm glad I was hipped to the book either way.  If you're interested give it a look.

I added some salsa and a little bit of cheese I had left over from a different event.  Not vegan cheese, but I can't waste food that I had.

When I say this was so dang good, I mean ooh wee.  I ate this so fast every night.

Friday I like to eat out, and here lately I have been obsessed with Subway.  The veggie delite footlong, with avocado and sweet onion dressing is the bomb.  I can't wait until I get off work tonight to go get it.

I will start making my own sandwiches next week, cause it doesn't make sense to pay for a simple sandwich.  It's a habit of spending money for no reason, I have to get out of.  Enjoy my dinner, like I did.

OOTD Week 6/5

This is the week of chambray denim!  I wanted to wear this denim shirt I had, so I went on the hunt for chambray denim colors in my closet.  Surprisingly, I had quite a bit.  I did go out and buy a denim dress I saw at Old Navy, so I had to add one item.  Not bad if I do say so my self!

Anyway enjoy these looks.  And let me tell you, this mess gets so wrinkled, more than I have ever noticed in any clothing item.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Food Prep Week 5/30-6/2

So...this week I am trying something very different.  I don't have food prep for the week.  I am vamping my intermittent fasting in what I am eating, and cutting my lunch as far as actual food is concerned.  I am still having snacks, so I have peanuts, a handi snack (I'm aware this is not vegan) and some Scottish cookies (as well as these cookies).  The actual bulk of my lunch is a drink.  I am taking CLA powder.  I cannot swallow those enormous pills, so I opted for the powder.  I  went to GNC over the weekend and went in looking for something that would help me improve on my weight loss journey.  I am struggling with belly fat, so this was my main concern.  I have been losing weight everywhere, including my belly, but it is coming off so slowly.

At the advice of the employee, he said try a CLA.  This is supposed to help reduce belly fat, improve muscle tone etc.  My main concern was the belly fat, so that's what I went with.  So far so good.  I take to scoops of the powder with 6 oz of water.  I am going to cut it back next week to 1 scoop of powder and 4 oz of water.  This is only a 30 day supply, and if I keep with the 2 scoops a day I will run out before I can see proper results.  I was told that this needs to be continued for 60 days to see results.  I must say, that I think I see results already after 4 days.  I took my belly measurements before starting and was 40.5, this morning it measured 38.0. (2.5 inches) That is some major progress in my opinion.  Faster than I have lost with all my working out that's for sure.  So I will continue and see if I can improve and lose this god awful pouch, that keeps lingering.

Along with the CLA I am also taking L-Carnitine.  This is in liquid form, so I add it to my BCAA and use it as part of my pre-workout.  I like taking my BCAA as a pre-workout rather than drinking it throughout the work out.  I think with the combination of the CLA and the L-Carnitine I have found a proper blend to help with my belly fat issue.

I still intermittent fast, so I try to drink my CLA about 2 pm, eat my snacks and then call it good.  I have noticed, now that I am not actually eating food, I drink even more water.  Which is right up my alley.

Then I go to the gym after work, and have dinner no later than 9 pm.  I am trying to fast for about 6-7 hours a day, so this is working out so far.

For dinner I have been making noodle bowls. Similar to what you can get at Vietnamese restaurants. I used tofu and marinaded it in a teriyaki type glaze and baked it.  I will say that baking does not make it as good as they claim online.  It was still very soft and not baked at all.  So the next few days I attempted grilling what was already baked.  It didn't really change anything and the tofu was still quite soft.  But all in all, it was pretty good.  Enjoy my delicious dinner I had this week.

OOTD-Week 5/30

This week was lavender.  I had a taste for purple nails so here we are.  I must say for real this week I have actually noticed my weight loss in my clothing.  Before I could see it sometimes, but this week I really have seen it.  It is very exciting to see.  Now if I can just get it to come off a little faster.

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