Friday, November 11, 2016

Closet updates-Refresh and Redo

I have a spare second bedroom that is a walk in closet.  It has been my dream to have a walk in and I love it.  I am obsessed with youtube video closet tours and have bitten by the redo bug.

I changed my clothes around so they are truly by color regardless of style.  Before I had my closet by color and item.  I have two Pax wardrobes from Ikea that I have had for years and they have served me well.  Originally in the first closet on the top bar it was work shirts.  The bottom bar was cardigans and sweaters.  The 2nd wardrobe top bar was tank tops and the bottom bar was fancier/going out shirts.  I also have a smaller Pax wardrobe that had button up shirts on top and work pants on bottom.  Everything was color coordinated in each wardrobe and section.  I like to go gray to black (following ROYGBIV in between).

Now I have sorted the closet and moved each wardrobe to house the colors in the order I like.  I took some pics of each color section and I am so happy with it now.  It's like shopping for new clothes everyday. I also went back and moved my t-shirts out of the hanging part and folded them with my handy dandy flip fold.  I also was able to take my blazers and load them up in each section.  All in all it is much better.  And I love it.

CIM-Dream Dashed

My dreams of running the CIM have been dashed yet again by plantar fasciitis.  It is so annoying, but I can't keep training on this poor foot of mine and risk further injury.  And it is starting to move to my other foot.

I have had to defer my race again this year.  But this time I am actually saddened by it.  I have been training (although not with the group), but I have been following the plan much more than I ever thought I would.  I kept a positive attitude about running and my aches and pains.  But I must do the smart thing.

Maybe next year I will be a lot thinner and have less pain in my foot to allow me to complete this tasks.  We shall see.

OOTD 11/7-11/11

This week is sponsored by the color ORANGE.  I was off enjoy Tuesday through Friday.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Slow Cooker Mexican Quinoa

This week is another healthier meal.  We are really trying to take the eating healthy options seriously.  It is important that we make our lunches as nice as can be but still save unnecessary calories.

I stumbled on this blog through Pinterest and so far I am enjoying what she has to offer.  This week we did a Mexican quinoa.  And it is delish!

I am extremely lazy right now, so I am going to link you directly to the page where I found the meal.

OOTD 10/31-11/4

Monday was of course Halloween, so I will grace you with another pic in case you forgot my costume.  Of course I took a bathroom selfie, can't break tradition.  It's amazing how clothing makes you look bigger or smaller.  I look enormous in this pic.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Chicken Pesto and Asparagus

This week we went healthy and decided on chicken with pesto.  Shi Shi found a recipe, but it uses green beans.  I hate green beans, so we opted for asparagus.  It is only about 220 calories for this whole meal and is actually pretty filling.  We were supposed to have potatoes with it, but I forgot.  Oh well, even better for us without the added carbs.


Halloween is my absolute most favortie time of year.  I look forward to Halloween the year before the upcoming Halloween.

This year I lucked out and had 3 costumes.  I need to have a year where I have more than 3.  I could post pictures for ever about all the costumes I have had, but I will spare you and only post this year.

We also went all out for decorations at work, which is exciting that I have a manager that loves Halloween as much as I do.  For work we were the Addams Family, so our decorations were created to look like the inside of a creepy house.  It turned out pretty well.  My coworker's husband created their bed of nails for us, as well as a coffin.  She also loves Halloween.  I'll start with the decorations and the costume contest (walk thru) we did.  Then show you the costumes I created.

This was on actual Halloween at work.

Then on Wednesday:
We went to Faces to see Dev perform for FREE!  We had a last minute costume, the day before.  We were Mario and Luigi

And then finally, Saturday Poison Ivy presents:
We were back at Faces for our real Halloween celebration.

Here are some other costumes that I liked:

OOTD 10/24-10/28

This is a good week.  It is business as usual, so no casual, yet! Another week with no them.  Mostly I am trying to wear clothes that haven't fit in a while.  Man you can't even tell the colors I am wearing very well.  Oh well.

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