Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Halloween is my absolute most favortie time of year.  I look forward to Halloween the year before the upcoming Halloween.

This year I lucked out and had 3 costumes.  I need to have a year where I have more than 3.  I could post pictures for ever about all the costumes I have had, but I will spare you and only post this year.

We also went all out for decorations at work, which is exciting that I have a manager that loves Halloween as much as I do.  For work we were the Addams Family, so our decorations were created to look like the inside of a creepy house.  It turned out pretty well.  My coworker's husband created their bed of nails for us, as well as a coffin.  She also loves Halloween.  I'll start with the decorations and the costume contest (walk thru) we did.  Then show you the costumes I created.

This was on actual Halloween at work.

Then on Wednesday:
We went to Faces to see Dev perform for FREE!  We had a last minute costume, the day before.  We were Mario and Luigi

And then finally, Saturday Poison Ivy presents:
We were back at Faces for our real Halloween celebration.

Here are some other costumes that I liked:

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