Friday, May 26, 2017

OOTD Week 5/22

This is my week of magenta.  I bought these velour pants a few months ago from Old Navy, they were under $5.00 and I was certain they matched a jacket I have at home.  And boy was I right! Damned near identical.  So this week was based on this outfit I have had planned for a while.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Food Prep Week 5/22-5/26

This week I wanted something easy again.  I'm about I picked my go to BURRITOS.  Easy as hell.

I don't even have a prep pic of the ingredients before I fried them.

I used Beyond Meat crumbles, refried beans, my favorite provolone, the left over Spanish rice from taquito week and some green chiles.  Then I fried everything in my beloved coconut oil.  And voila.

These are so low in calories, I can have 3 for lunch.  Since I am intermittent fasting, I try to have a huge lunch and keep my dinners relatively smaller.

Food Prep Week 5/15-5/19

I went to the 99 cent store a while back and bought some vegetarian spring rolls and pot stickers and I wanted to clear my freezer so I chose these for lunch.  These were actually vegan, which a lot are not because of the wrap.  So I lucked out.


I fried everything in coconut oil.  The spring rolls I didn't love in the oil, because it absorbed the taste and made them sweet, but the pot stickers were perfect.

I also made my version of fried rice.  I hate peas in my rice, actually in general, but specifically in my rice.  So I used Jasmine rice and a mixed rice cooked together.  On the side I had a variety of frozen veggies and bam, lunch is served.

My mom gave me some pot sticker sauces she had and over my rice I added a Teriyaki sauce.

OOTD Week 5/15

This is the week of green...mostly I had 2 new jackets I wanted to bam, green it is.

Food Prep 5/8-5/12

This week's lunch was taquitos and Spanish rice.  Simple and quick.  I wasn't really feeling like cooking a big lunch.  Everything of course is vegan, so I won't be listing it as such.

I did add some refried beans with a little bit of cheese, guac packs, and tofutti.

This lunch was bomb!

OOTD 5/8-5/12

Peach is the color of the week.

I have been doing really well in my weight loss progress and have been enjoying this mirror at work. It really shows my shape, so it has been cool to see the changes in my body.


Punta Cana 2017


This will be my first true trip to another country.  I have been to Canada before and yes I get that is another country, but it's not quite the same.  When I went you didn't need a passport.  Just a birth certificate.  So this trip is going to be an experience.

We are going through Club Med, they had the best prices and are all-inclusive.  This trip includes, airfare, hotel, food and drinks as well as some activities on the resort.

They have Cirque de Soleil there, which is about to be dope.  As scared as I am of heights, I must try the trapeze.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  They also offer some workout programs included in the package, one being archery---I have always wanted to attempt this so I am excited as heck.

Off the resort we are going to try the underwater ocean walking--through  Seaquarium.  This offers, the walking, a picture with a Sea Lion and swimming, with both Nurse Sharks and Stingrays.  They also will have some party time and lots of drinks.  It shows it is about $100, which includes pick up and drop off from the hotel and some light eats.  I am about this life for sure.

We also want to do a horse back tour through the ocean and this one comes with zip lining as well.  Same offer of pick up and drop off and is about $100.

The last thing we think will be pretty cool is the cigar tour.  It allows you to learn to roll your own cigar, tastes some whiskeys and it includes a visit to a hidden water spot.  Same pick up and drop off at hotel and same $100 price.

I think this is going to be a great trip, there are some really fun activities that we are going to attempt if we can get times available.  Fingers crossed.

I am going to comeback and post about the trip once it occurs. Stay tuned!!

Chance the Rapper

We went to see Chance the Rapper 4/27 at Golden 1 Center.  His tickets were so reasonably priced, the only issue I have is with fees Golden 1 charges.  $25 extra per ticket...that was half the price of the ticket.  But other than that, pretty good.

So the show was amazing.  He is quite the performer and even cried a little, as he was excited to be headlining is own concert.

He danced, sang, chatted, it was like a real concert.  All things were great, and he really put on a show.  My two friends were familiar with his music, but even they enjoyed the show and said they would see him again.

Enjoy the combination of Snap Chats and regular video:

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Food Prep Week 5/1

This week I wanted potatoes.  I was going to make twice baked potatoes, but I couldn't be bothered scooping out the insides of hot ass potatoes for food prep.  So I kept it simple and cut them into quarters, seasoned them with white pepper, nutritional yeast and a french fry blend I made (chili powder, white pepper, garlic powder and seasoning salt).

They were spicy as heck, because I forgot the french fry blend had white pepper, so I doubled up in error.

I also added some vegan chili, from Amy's. Way over priced, but they were out of the vegetarian chili by Nalley's.

I also included my tofutti sour cream with these.

On the side I had a salad.  I was craving a salad this week, so it was good.

I am intermittent fasting to kick start my weight loss, because I have been stuck for a few months maintaining the same weight.  So I am having bigger lunches.  It was a crap ton of food.  Most days I ate the salad with my dinner, cause I was too full at lunch.

OOTD Week 5/1-5/5

This week was RED, WHITE and BLACK.  I had a coupon for New York and Company, so I bought some new stuff.  I ended up with two things that inspired me to go with this color theme.  I think I looked pretty fly on most of the days, but especially on Thursday.

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