Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have just recently found a lump on the side of my bosom.  It is like a golf ball in size, shape, and texture.  I had a small moment of panic because I am incredibly unhealthy, and it seems that all kinds of horrible stuff is being thrown my way.  Any way, I googled the symptoms of both breast cancer and breast cysts. According to my googling, it could be either.  I have other symptoms that I wont post, for sake of TMI.  I haven't told anyone, cause it may be nothing, but it makes me a little nervous when I think about it.  I did find out that my health insurance, should at least cover a visit, so I can make an appointment. I really am putting off the appointment, cause I can't take much more drama.  I'm ready for my big break, I mean geezus, can I ever catch a damn break? Well now that I may die of breast cancer, I have to get healthy fast.  I have to limit my caffeine/soda consumption as of 2 weeks ago...eventhough I drink A LOT of soda at PB Hell, cause it's free.  I need to make my ass go to the gym.  I'm tired of spending another year unhealthy and extremely overweight.  I must get it together.  Plus it doesn't hurt that there is a man I have my eye I need to "Get it right, get it tight!"

Anyway, I'm in a writing mood and needed to get that issue off my chest. I'll post again, once I know what's up!
Gym, here I come. Starting tomorrow!

Work revisited

Just wanted to update my one follower, thanks well as my mental health. So work still sucks, but I'm not as down about it anymore.  I still get harassed about dumb crap, however, I don't take it so personally anymore.  Because I only make 12.00/hr and am wasting my bachelors degree, shilling bagels and $8.00 sandwiches, I have decided that I will come to work simply to work.  I am no longer going to work and let these jerks bother me to the extent that it did.  The funny thing about PB is that one of their mottoes is, "NO JERKS".  Apparently it means no jerks to the customers and treat the employees however you wish.  Well now that I know that this is how they treat the management team, I can't be surprised if I get pooped on again.  But I will definitely not let them take it as far as it had.  Basically, all this means is I have to get back to school, out of debt, moved out and with a much better job.

Well I at least signed up for more state tests, I just won't take any jobs that are intermittent. Eff the Furloughs.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Work, Work, Work

I have just recently been promoted at job A to shift supervisor, a position I asked for . I have only been in this position for about a month. I went through three weeks of "training", back in June then had a week and a half of vacation, then back to work for "transition training". I put the word training in quotes, because it's definitely not training.  It is more learn as you go and if you want to know something you better figure it out, and as RuPaul says, "Don't fuck it up!" Anyway, I was working two jobs for about 6 months, until I decided to ask for the promotion.  I asked to be promoted, because I work harder than the managers there and was making less money. So I figured, they don't do shit, I do, so it can't be that hard. With my other job, job B, it was not a full time permanent position, we would be furloughed for weeks at a time (or so they would say).  That is not the kind of job that works for me, so I quit that bitch. Here's where my problems come in.  I should have never quit that bitch (job B) and sucked it up, because job A, is on my last nerve.  Unfortunately all I ever hear currently is, "You have to get yourself out of the hourly position and into the management position."  First of all, what really is the difference? Secondly, I haven't even been doing this for more than a month.  As of yesterday July 31st, it was a months time.  So, I'm not really sure what I need to change, but lord help me, if I hear that sentence again for the 50th time.  This 12.00/hour job has caused me to break down and cry 3 times in the last month.  That's right in 30 days, I have cried about this measly job 3 times. So, if my math is correct, I should have another cry coming up in 10 days to make it 4 cries in 40 days.  The reason for my crying is utter frustration.  I am a pretty thick skinned person, but even the thickest skin will crack and break. I can't have someone tell me, I'm doing a great job, and catching on, only to tell me in the same sentence,'re doing a,b,c,d,e,f and g wrong everyday that I work. I may laugh it off, but I'm sick of it. Leave me the fuck alone about stupid shit, how about that? If another manager made an error, why is it my fault? Why do I need awareness about their stupid fuck ups. Why aren't they held accountable? Don't shit on me because I'm new in the position. I'm not new at the job and I'm not a retard. I may not be swift at math, and may not be able to add numbers in my head like an idiot savant, but that's what calculators are for. Explain it and let me practice it, and all will be fine. This isn't medical school, it's job A.
Basically I'm at my wits end. I desperately need a new job, and can't wait to quit this big bitch.  I don't make enough money to be treated like a moron, and I didn't go into debt with school, to work with assholes. I went into debt to help assholes not be them anymore. 
I'm so frustrated with the way this job has gone, and I needed to vent that drama. Luckily, I have two days off and hopefully it will be better next week.

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