Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have just recently found a lump on the side of my bosom.  It is like a golf ball in size, shape, and texture.  I had a small moment of panic because I am incredibly unhealthy, and it seems that all kinds of horrible stuff is being thrown my way.  Any way, I googled the symptoms of both breast cancer and breast cysts. According to my googling, it could be either.  I have other symptoms that I wont post, for sake of TMI.  I haven't told anyone, cause it may be nothing, but it makes me a little nervous when I think about it.  I did find out that my health insurance, should at least cover a visit, so I can make an appointment. I really am putting off the appointment, cause I can't take much more drama.  I'm ready for my big break, I mean geezus, can I ever catch a damn break? Well now that I may die of breast cancer, I have to get healthy fast.  I have to limit my caffeine/soda consumption as of 2 weeks ago...eventhough I drink A LOT of soda at PB Hell, cause it's free.  I need to make my ass go to the gym.  I'm tired of spending another year unhealthy and extremely overweight.  I must get it together.  Plus it doesn't hurt that there is a man I have my eye I need to "Get it right, get it tight!"

Anyway, I'm in a writing mood and needed to get that issue off my chest. I'll post again, once I know what's up!
Gym, here I come. Starting tomorrow!


  1. So, I am concerned, obviously. And I'm here for you, so don't hesitate to call or write or something. Also, I have to tell you that last night I had a dream that John and I ran into you somewhere and you had lost a lot of weight. I am telling you this because last week I had a dream that I got a PT job as a cashier at Home Depot and the very day I woke up from that dream I ended up sitting next to a girl in the waiting room at the lab who was getting her pre-employment drug test done for a cashier job at HD. My dreams are weird like that.

    So hopefully this dream meant that you are going to be super successful with your goals this year and not that you lost a bunch of weight due to health problems. Fingers crossed. Love you.

  2. Just saw your comment, unfort I haven't lost any weight due to sickness or otherwise. I have mostly gained...i still havent sucked it up to make the appointment either. ugh fml. thanks i will def call if i have a moment of dread


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