Saturday, April 29, 2017

Food Prep- Week 4/24

I wanted to try this steak meat substitute, so I decided on fajitas.  They were pretty good and it was a good excuse for me to use the Tofutti sour cream, because that ish is bomb.  Nothing special with my fajitas.  The usual, onion peppers, steak, tapatio, sour cream and tortillas.  I also had some chips and green salsa.  This was a pretty good lunch.

OOTD Week 4/24-4/28

Pink was my color of choice this week.  I chose to do a dark pink, it turns out I have 3 variations of pink to choose from, so I picked this one.  Nothing fancy to talk about, I will say that this mirror at work is amazing, and I love seeing the weight loss changes.

Food Prep-Week 4/17

Keep in mind, that this was the week after Easter, which meant I was being incredibly lazy.  So I had chili cheese dogs.

I used Smart Dogs, with the provolone I like and Nalley's vegeterian chili.  Nothing fancy and super simple.  This is also the week, I decided to cut out so many snacks during the day.  So I could enjoy a little bit of a bigger dinner.

Enjoy my one pic of my tiny lunch.

OOTD Week 4/17-4/21

The weekend leading up to this week was Easter.  I didn't do right by planning and scrambled to put outfits together.  With that I also didn't paint my nails so no post for that.  But I did finally decide on the color off white/beige for the week.

I had a new bomber jacket I wanted to wear so I chose that for Monday.  So I could be semi casual, but still business enough.  Truthfully, I am pretty over dressed compared to most of the employees here.

On a side note, please notice my body in the tan top and black skirt.  This is my best shot of my weight loss progress to date.  No one could tell me I didn't look incredible.

Food Prep-Taco Boats Week 4/10

I was craving Mexican food.  So, I found these taco boats at the 99 cent store and decided to go with this for lunch.  I think it would have been much better if I would have been able to bake the boats, but I microwaved them instead.  Not to mention I had too much filling, so it was hard to eat.  I'm not going to list everything, but just know, it is all vegan and it was the bomb.

OOTD Week 4/10-14

This is another black week.  I never realized how much I wear black items, or better, how much black I actually own.  I'm always giving Shi-Shi a hard time about wearing black, cause she wears a lot too...but sheesh, ya girl is just as guilty.

Food Prep-Burgers and Fries Week 4/3

I went with burgers and fries this week.  I love potatoes and will eat them as often as I can so this was a perfect week for me.

I had it pretty plain for toppings.  Onion, tomatoes, a thousand island type spread and the best vegan cheese I have found so far.  It is a provolone, and the interesting thing is I don't care for real provolone, but this one tastes very similar, especially in smell and color.  The bun is a Hawaiian bun, and it was the bomb.  I used Boca vegan patties and the microwavable french fries.  Damn good lunch.

OOTD Week 4/3-4/7

This week I went with navy blue.  I was in the mood to paint my nails navy, so I picked my outfits according to that.  I did a couple accents nails navy, because that color is dark and stains my nails and I wasn't in the mood for stained nails the following week.

Food Prep-Wraps Week 3/27

So I am still on my vegan journey for eating.  This week I wanted simple because I wasn't sure how their kitchen was set up.  So I needed something that didn't require a microwave.  Just in case.

I used Flatout wraps, which was my first time.  They aren't bad, a little thicker than a tortilla but thinner than a pita pocket.  So it didn't really break, which is what I was looking for.  I also tried Tofurkey, deli meat for the first time.  Also not bad, and pretty close to the real taste.  The rest of my wrap were veggies.  Bellpeppers, onion, tomatoes, shredded carrots, shredded lettuce, half an avocado and cheese shreds. I did use some honey mustard as my spread.  (sorry I can't turn those sideways pics)

OOTD Week 3/27-3/31

I am back working now, so my selfie game can commence.  Fortunately, I have a manager that likes me enough to bring me with her, to her new job, so I was only out of work for 3 weeks.  Anyway, This week I went with black as my color choice.  This mirror is huge, but it took me some time to get the angles right.  For the first few weeks, I looked rather large in my pics...

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