Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Too Young To Marry, Too Dumb To Know Anything

The Tyra show is interesting today. I hate this show I really do. She annoys the crap out of me more than anything. There is a child here that is 15 and wants to get married. What I don't understand is that no one is questioning whether or not this child is mentally impaired. She is speaking like she is, and can't answer very simple questions. Her beau, is 18 and even dumber than she is. He has a job as a "pizza man" and makes $1000/year. Really? $1000/year, there is no minimum wage job that would ever average out to 1000/year, is there? I feel dumb even questioning it. The 15 year old had to tell him he makes 8.10/hr...she still couldnt figure the math, but at least knew that $1000/year, wasn't possible. Tyra was asking the boy, why he wants to get married...he stammered and stuttered, he loves her, he cares for her, blah...blah...blah...Then Tyra asked the girl, why she wants to get married...she said b/c he cleans for her, and is nice to her and talks to her...WTF...I can't take anymore. And the mother is a piece of work...I don't think they are mental, I think they are from some slow state and speak like a bunch of dumb do-dos. This mother had her kids at 15 and 17...piece of work...holy geez, where are these people from and what in the world is up with society and why are people so backwards?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reality TV

I have been watching a lot of reality TV and although, I'm not exactly a fan I don't hate it either. But I have been noticing every single time there is a black person they seem to show the worst part of the black person. Granted that they have to cut and paste the show to fit into 30 minutes, so they aren't going to show every angle, but c'mon! Whenever I watch these folks and they start wildin' out, I usually fast forward, and my blood boils. Why on earth do people always have to ack-a-foo? I have been watching BAD GIRLS CLUB, love the show, I really do. I love seeing people act stupid and think they are hot shit, but really, there is acting a fool, and then there is ackin' a foo! This girl KC, she is irritating as all hell, and very typical. Everything she does is totally expected and I'm not at all surprised about it. Every episode she has been the center of attention, yelling, cussing, fussing, fighting, and just being so damn ghetto. All of the ladies in this house, feed into her bull and argue back with her, or say crap about them not being afraid of her, blah...blah...blah. Give the B a break, if you stop talking to her dumb ass, she will stop acting an ass, duh!! Finally she left the house, because she fought (i.e. slapped and scratched) her roommate, all the while her roommate choked the shit out of her. So really, who's more hood? My understanding is that hood bitches don't get choked, EVER!! The thing that irritated me the most, was how quick she flew off the handle to begin with. What in the world? Have you never heard of ignoring someone, or shutting the fuck up yourself? Why do blacks find that there is a sense of entitlement, in which they can tell people to shut the fuck up, and others must listen. Are you serious, like really serious? You are ignorant as shit, you are old enough to walk away, yet I have to shut the fuck up, why don't you have to shut the fuck up? Where did this shit come from? I don't understand it, I never will. Then in the next breath, we'll hear, "no one understands my struggle", or "I've always had to deal with this", "People always think black people fight, or are ghetto." How about this shit, stop perpetuating this stereotype by showing your ass on TV, and people won't always assume you're a fucking moron. As much as I love this show, I don't understand why people would sign up to be on it, only to still act just as dumb as they did before they got there. I mean realisticly I know why they are on the show, for air time, and a vacation. But really? Get it together people!
Then I was watching AMERICAN IDOL, what the fuck. Really??? This girl straight up screamed like a loon, because she got a no. WTF, every time someone tells you no, do you start screaming bloody murder, like in a movie? That was Mommy Dearest, screaming...Like no wire hangers, the end of the world type stuff. Including falling on the knees, bawling her eyes out. Really! That's all I could say, when I saw that shit. I mean I fast forwarded and rewound it just to see if she was serious. She was. And you know where I'm going, what color was her got it BROWN. Fucking black people, I mean. MUST YOU ACT SO DAMN IGNANT ALL THE TIME!!!! Heysuesschristo!!!! I really cannot stand another show, where there are black people that can't behave. This shit has to stop, and it has to stop TODAY. Finally in the "next on AI" clips, they show this red haired lady, going buck on all kinds of people...why? Why on earth would you even go there? Your ass is on TV, you have a regular life to go back to when you get booted off, because you will, being that you're an ignorant moron. She is cutting up on TV, national TV, hella people see this. And they are talking about it, because I'm talking about it. People like to see other people act up, especially see black people, so they can say, "See I told you, blacks are ghetto." Damn man, why?
Anyway, I had to get that off my chest. I didn't even say all I wanted, cause my wrists are hurting like hell. And those aren't the only blacks that irritate the hell out of me, just the only two I felt like giving more time to. AI was full of losers, not just black, trust me. Lots of stereotypes were filled. That is the only one that makes me madder than hell.

And don't get all crazy, cause I myself am black, I just don't act like an asshole. I would like to know everyone's thoughts tho! Am I nuts, am I the only person that finds that annoying that TV manages to find the negative aspects in people and only show that? Why can't there be an episode where they show people laughing and joking and acting a good fool, not an ignorant fool? Just once I would like 30 minutes of pure reality TV hilarity, just once!

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