Monday, September 26, 2016

OOTW Posts

I had taken some pics of my outfits over the last month, but didn't finish one of the previous weeks, but never fear, I have one week worth of goodies.  They are bathroom selfies in our mirror at work, cause it's a nice ass mirror.  There was an intentional color theme for the week as I always like to do.

Gray and Black.  I tried to do darker gray top with black bottoms.  What can I say, I'm a nerd like that.

Southwestern Salad

Are you noticing a theme with the food prepping.  These past two weeks have been salads or salad like.  This is the last salad for September, which is good becuase I am sick of salads.

I recreated the McDonald's Southwestern salad, with a different dressing. Southwestern dressing cannot be found apparently, as I went to 2 stores with no luck.  So instead I got my favorite El Torito Caesar Pepita.

Enjoy the 3 pics I get the gist.  It was supposed to look similar to this:  Which it basically did.

Do you see Jack in the background...I will be discussing him in all his glory soon!! Don't worry!

Cobb Salads

This week 9/12-9/15 we had Cobb salads.  Which are simple to make, but the calories get high fast!
Sheesh as good as this one was it was outrageous for calorie count.

I took a lot of pics this time, so there is a basic step by step of all my ingredients and progress.
Romaine lettuce, deli turkey and ham, colby jack cheese, boiled egg, grape tomatoes, red onion, fresh chopped bacon, avocado and ranch dressing.

Tuna Pita Pockets

This post is SUPER late, but it is going up.  I am going to cram this site full of delayed postings just in time to catch up for the current and last week of September. Man, time is flying, but it also means Halloween is coming.  And if you know me, then you know I am excited.

Anyway, this is lunch prep for 9/6-9/9.  I can't even remember the calories I counted for this meal, but I know it was lightweight.  In my tuna we have mayo, mustard, relish, boiled eggs, chopped black olives and dried onion.  I used romaine lettuce leaves and cherry tomatoes (which ShiShi does not picky) and wheat pita pocket thins (100 calories per half).  It ended up giving us 1/2 cup of tuna which was too much for the pocket so it was really filling.  The honey mustard is to die for and it tastes just like Chick Fil A sauce.

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