Thursday, December 14, 2017

Special Food Prep-coworker

A co-worker wanted me to food prep to prepare for her vacation to Jamaica.  She waited until the last minute, but I love food prep and was happy to help her along.  It's nice to not have to think about what's for lunch and let someone else do the work for you.

She wanted to do keto, so I had to find recipes for that, which is very easy.  I gave her two meal options, one for lunch and dinner.  The unfortunate part is that she didn't eat all the food supplied to some point the closer you get to vacation the less inclined you are to do right.  Either way, enjoy the pics.  Everything looked good and I would eat it.  In fact the following week I adapted one of the meals to be vegan.

I will say when I cook I don't follow the seasonings they recommend, I cook from experience, so I can't say what is or isn't in my food.  I just grab and go.

Both meals were found online. has the chicken ranch avocado cups seen below:

And I found the next meal on a vegan keto site.  This doesn't require much.  It is grass fed beef, cauliflower rice, olives, and tomato:

Food Prep Week 12/4

My cousin finally requested something, so we are having tomato soup and grilled cheese.

He had the same tomato soup as me, which was vegan and pretty tasty, but his grilled cheese was real cheese.  Mine was the Chao brand of cheese, still delicious.

I used the recipe from The Super Easy Vegan Slow Cooker book, because anything in the crock pot is golden for me.

Once everything was done cooking, I used my immersion blender and went to work on getting it smoothed.

I'm not going to list out the ingredients, but the pics should help.  It was good and I recommend anyone to try an alternative tomato soup recipe.

OOTD Week 11/27-12/1

This week, I was a little lazy and picked whatever I could.  But it turned out that I ended up wearing cream or a version of it every day.  Weird how that work.  We were allowed another casual week too...


Food Prep Week 11/27

I wanted to switch it up for my food prep.  So I made noodle bowls.  The 55 at any of my local Pho houses are my favorite thing, so I took from that.  I had tofu as my protein and my cousin had chicken.

I used different flavors of  Top Ramen packs for the ease of noodles, rather than rice noodles because I don't love them that much.

In all of our bowls we have, noodles, 1/4 cilantro cube, 1/4 chipotle cube, bean sprouts, broccoli, sugar snap peas and carrots.  I added asparagus and corn to my bowl, because I HATE green beans.  But my cousin's bowl had green beans and carrots.  He hates corn.  We both also had peanuts to add on top.

When it was time to add my hot water, I would add the ramen seasoning, some fish oil, peanut sauce and go to work.  I would fry my tofu each night, it was marinating in teriyaki sauce and it was lovely and delish!

A dinner I looked forward to every night.

OOTD Week 11/20-11/24

This week I tried to wear fall colors.  It was Thanksgiving week at work, so we got have casual week.  It was enjoyable for sure.

Food Prep 11/20

This was a mad short week with Thanksgiving and all.  So we had sandwiches.  Nothing fancy and apparently I didn't even take pictures. I used the french loaf from Wal-Mart, and made mine a huge veggie sub style.  My cousin had his with deli sliced peppercorn turkey and deli sliced chicken.  He doesn't eat veggies, except his was all meat and cheese.

My sandwich had honey mustard, Greek dressing, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, pickles, and onion.

They were good...nothing exciting tho.

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