Thursday, December 14, 2017

Food Prep Week 11/27

I wanted to switch it up for my food prep.  So I made noodle bowls.  The 55 at any of my local Pho houses are my favorite thing, so I took from that.  I had tofu as my protein and my cousin had chicken.

I used different flavors of  Top Ramen packs for the ease of noodles, rather than rice noodles because I don't love them that much.

In all of our bowls we have, noodles, 1/4 cilantro cube, 1/4 chipotle cube, bean sprouts, broccoli, sugar snap peas and carrots.  I added asparagus and corn to my bowl, because I HATE green beans.  But my cousin's bowl had green beans and carrots.  He hates corn.  We both also had peanuts to add on top.

When it was time to add my hot water, I would add the ramen seasoning, some fish oil, peanut sauce and go to work.  I would fry my tofu each night, it was marinating in teriyaki sauce and it was lovely and delish!

A dinner I looked forward to every night.

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