Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Too Young To Marry, Too Dumb To Know Anything

The Tyra show is interesting today. I hate this show I really do. She annoys the crap out of me more than anything. There is a child here that is 15 and wants to get married. What I don't understand is that no one is questioning whether or not this child is mentally impaired. She is speaking like she is, and can't answer very simple questions. Her beau, is 18 and even dumber than she is. He has a job as a "pizza man" and makes $1000/year. Really? $1000/year, there is no minimum wage job that would ever average out to 1000/year, is there? I feel dumb even questioning it. The 15 year old had to tell him he makes 8.10/hr...she still couldnt figure the math, but at least knew that $1000/year, wasn't possible. Tyra was asking the boy, why he wants to get married...he stammered and stuttered, he loves her, he cares for her, blah...blah...blah...Then Tyra asked the girl, why she wants to get married...she said b/c he cleans for her, and is nice to her and talks to her...WTF...I can't take anymore. And the mother is a piece of work...I don't think they are mental, I think they are from some slow state and speak like a bunch of dumb do-dos. This mother had her kids at 15 and 17...piece of work...holy geez, where are these people from and what in the world is up with society and why are people so backwards?

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