Sunday, August 15, 2010

Work revisited

Just wanted to update my one follower, thanks well as my mental health. So work still sucks, but I'm not as down about it anymore.  I still get harassed about dumb crap, however, I don't take it so personally anymore.  Because I only make 12.00/hr and am wasting my bachelors degree, shilling bagels and $8.00 sandwiches, I have decided that I will come to work simply to work.  I am no longer going to work and let these jerks bother me to the extent that it did.  The funny thing about PB is that one of their mottoes is, "NO JERKS".  Apparently it means no jerks to the customers and treat the employees however you wish.  Well now that I know that this is how they treat the management team, I can't be surprised if I get pooped on again.  But I will definitely not let them take it as far as it had.  Basically, all this means is I have to get back to school, out of debt, moved out and with a much better job.

Well I at least signed up for more state tests, I just won't take any jobs that are intermittent. Eff the Furloughs.

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