Friday, November 11, 2016

Closet updates-Refresh and Redo

I have a spare second bedroom that is a walk in closet.  It has been my dream to have a walk in and I love it.  I am obsessed with youtube video closet tours and have bitten by the redo bug.

I changed my clothes around so they are truly by color regardless of style.  Before I had my closet by color and item.  I have two Pax wardrobes from Ikea that I have had for years and they have served me well.  Originally in the first closet on the top bar it was work shirts.  The bottom bar was cardigans and sweaters.  The 2nd wardrobe top bar was tank tops and the bottom bar was fancier/going out shirts.  I also have a smaller Pax wardrobe that had button up shirts on top and work pants on bottom.  Everything was color coordinated in each wardrobe and section.  I like to go gray to black (following ROYGBIV in between).

Now I have sorted the closet and moved each wardrobe to house the colors in the order I like.  I took some pics of each color section and I am so happy with it now.  It's like shopping for new clothes everyday. I also went back and moved my t-shirts out of the hanging part and folded them with my handy dandy flip fold.  I also was able to take my blazers and load them up in each section.  All in all it is much better.  And I love it.

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