Friday, June 9, 2017

Food Prep-Week 6/5-6/8

I am still doing IF, and I have switched it up to having my CLA shake and some peanuts for lunch and then a nice dinner.

I bought a really nice vegan cookbook and so far I love it. I attempted to make a baked potato taco. Using lentils as my meat product.  Why I never thought of that myself I will never understand...but I'm glad I was hipped to the book either way.  If you're interested give it a look.

I added some salsa and a little bit of cheese I had left over from a different event.  Not vegan cheese, but I can't waste food that I had.

When I say this was so dang good, I mean ooh wee.  I ate this so fast every night.

Friday I like to eat out, and here lately I have been obsessed with Subway.  The veggie delite footlong, with avocado and sweet onion dressing is the bomb.  I can't wait until I get off work tonight to go get it.

I will start making my own sandwiches next week, cause it doesn't make sense to pay for a simple sandwich.  It's a habit of spending money for no reason, I have to get out of.  Enjoy my dinner, like I did.

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