Monday, August 28, 2017

Food Prep 8/28

My friend had a huge zucchini that she got from someone she works with, so I wanted to hurry up and use it.  So I looked up a sauce combination that went well with zucchini.  I usually use pesto, but wanted to try something different.  I found a recipe on Lemon and Basil for lentil sauce and tried that.

For my cousin, I don't think he was ready for zucchini pasta, so I gave him veggie pasta instead. Garden Veggie Rotini.  I need his calorie count to stay within a certain range, so he had a good helping of both pasta and sauce.

With my pasta I found a vegan Parmesan to add, and for his pasta I am giving him true Parmesan.  He is eating more of a vegetarian diet for now.  I don't know if he is prepared to go cold turkey, so I don't want him to give up.  He also has the Garlic knots sold at Wal-Mart, they are delicious and I am jealous that I couldn't add it to my meal plan.

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