Friday, November 10, 2017

OOTD Week 11/6-11/10

I chose army green this week.  I have a nail polish that is so pretty and green so I based my choice from that.  The annoying part to me about these pics is that I look the same all the time.  I don't see any weight changes over the last month and I am not sure what I can do to break my plateau.  I am stuck at the same fluctuating 1-2 lbs every week.  I can't break 211.  It is frustrating for sure.  This next week I am going to stop IF and bring my lunch to work and see if that helps.  I don't know what else to change.  Maybe I need to kick out treats for the week and see what that does.  Or maybe go back to strict vegan, not vegetarian.  Anyway...enjoy my army green posts this week.

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