Friday, February 10, 2017

Food Prep Week 2/6-2/10--Burger and Tots

This week we went with burgers and fries.  A tiny twist in that the girls have black bean burgers and I have vegan Boca burgers and tater tots.  I chose tater tots because they last better for the week and cook better in the microwave.

The MorningStar brand uses dairy in the foods, which I will never understand.  I feel it is unnecessary to add dairy especially since it is all processed anyway.  Why not remove as much animal fat as possible?

As I mentioned before I don't care for the vegan cheeses so i skipped the cheese and used avocado as my healthy fat.  This shit is bomb.

The girls have cheese with their burgers and no avocado.  In total we are looking at about  459 for my burger and the girls are about the same, a little higher at 494.

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