Friday, February 3, 2017

Food Prep Week 1/30- Lettuce Wraps Taco Style

Last week I had a craving for burritos, but wanted to keep it fairly light.  So I opted for lettuce in place of tortillas.  The fillings are everything I would put in a taco, except cheese.  I am not a huge fan of vegan cheeses, so I have mostly opted for not having them at all. It is surprisingly pretty easy to cut cheese once you get used to it.  Plus the alternatives really make the food taste weird so I am better without it.

In this lunch we have red leaf lettuce.  Beyond meat crumbles, black beans, no salt added corn, no salt added Rotel, yellow onion and some garlic.  I didn't season the crumbles this time, because they looked like they already have something on them.  The last time I used them, I did season them, but it was a different flavor of crumbles.

The girls have ground turkey for their meat, and their corn and rotel have salt (I don't reduce their salt intake.  I am more concerned with my blood pressure levels and swollen feet as far as salt is concerned).  I keep our veggies and fillings the same for the sake of keeping it simple.  Mostly I only change the meat.  The girls don't have cheese either. 

Everything is an estimate, but my lunch should be about 279 calories for two taco wraps.  The girls should be about 358 for two taco wraps.  

The cost is pretty cheap this week at $8.50 or $2.83/day for a cup of meat mixture and lettuce each day.

Enjoy this week's lunch:

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