Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I did it! I have officially completed my masters degree. It is cool to think about the accomplishment. I always knew this was something I wanted to do, I never thought it would take me nearly 10 years after my bachelors to complete. I always had a different plan in my head. I have learned that life doesn't go as planned all the time and to let it happen as it may. I am proud of my accomplishments and look forward to what this degree will land me in the near future. I'm definitely ready to start my actual career and stop messing around with these entry level jobs. But at the same time I like the ease of where I work.

I took some pics of me at graduation and my outfit. This skirt and top were out of my comfort zone because it was a bandage style. Meaning tight! But I think through my working out and eating habits it looked pretty good. Granted I was Kim style with two body cinchers on, but it's how I do for special occasions.

I have always wanted to decorate my cap and this is more than likely my last graduation with a flat cap. And what better decoration than a candy skull.

My makeup wasn't done, so no face pick yet...

It was so damn hot while we waited, so I took a pic to show my mom how sweaty and pissed I was waiting to line up.  That was some utter bs and the school should have done better for us

And this is my veggie owl tray for my grad party.  That was a lot of fun and I'm happy everyone that said they were coming did.
Here is a video from graduation on my party

And now the best part:

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