Tuesday, October 4, 2016


This week we were feeling sandwiches.  I took Monday off, to recover from my 1/2 marathon (which I might post about), and they were having a potluck on Monday.  We are also having a bday potluck on Friday, so we only need 3 lunches.  I am trying a new brand of bread as I prefer Sara Lee 45 calorie bread, but it is too thin for blts.  We have romaine, grape tomatoes (which I think will be too sweet for this), thick cut bacon which I baked for 20 mins, rather than fried in a pan, I hate getting popped with bacon.  We have one slice of Colby jack cheese and our trusty Ken's honey mustard. Nothing too fancy, I'm having my sandwiches with the last of the chips I bought in the multi pack, which are cheetos--the kind no one likes.


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