Friday, November 3, 2017

Halloween at WORK

This year we had a Halloween competition between the 3 departments.  So naturally, myself and my manager are gung-ho for a competition.  We decided to do a witches coven.  Which worked out great because we had the decorations from last year so a lot of the pieces were reusable and applied to our theme. 

Our pièce de résistance was the cauldron we made.  We did a lot of Pinterest items.  That app is the bomb for sure.  I wish I had taken some step by step photos of the cauldron, but the finished product was very good.  We had a refreshments table with some Halloween inspired foods and drinks.

Of course we won 1st was a little annoying that we won by 1 vote considering I personally think our's was much better.  I also think it is wack that 2nd place gets a lunch as well.  What is the point of competing if there are two winners?!?!?!

Enjoy my Halloween at work

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  1. No doubt,you gave made such a yummy chocolate desert on this Halloween. Have heard really good reviews of those heavenly chocolate desserts. Now want to taste them all so badly!


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