Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Food Prep Week 10/23

This week I wanted sweet potato chili.  I have to find other alternatives to the fax meat, not only because it is processed and I am trying my best to eat less and less processed foods.  But also because my cousin does not like the faux meats. This is the easiest most delicious chili I make.  I mean I make a proper chili with meat and the frozen chili brick, but as far as being vegan this is the best.

I used smaller sweet potatoes that I peeled and chopped into semi large chunks. Sweet potatoes are a pain to cut.  This particular batch had about 8 small potatoes.

I prefer, at the moment to use canned beans, eventually I will move to cooking my own, but one step at a time.  So in this chili I like to add light red kidney beans, navy beans, and black beans.

I also add corn and diced tomatoes.  I am a fan of Rotel most of the time, it adds a nice spice and I always keep those on deck.  I also used a tomato paste to thicken it up a little.

Seasoning wise, I just grabbed what I think would be good.  I don't measure anything and go by sight.  In this I used some chili powder, a house seasoning, and a garlic and herb seasoning.  I don't really do salt, so I try to use whatever is in the house seasoning and I always buy at least one can of something with salt.  Otherwise I mostly look for lower sodium or no salt cans of food.

Enjoy the preparations of the chili and then I like to top mine off with Tofutti, avocado and eat it with tortilla chips.  Which I can eat every day.  I love chips and salsa.

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