Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Food Prep Week 10/16

Dinner this week was a bust for my cousin.  I made lentil tacos.  Which I have made before, from my Vegan cookbook.  This is a simple and easy dish to make.  The problem with my cousin is he doesn't like anything.  He doesn't really like vegetables, he doesn't like skin on his potatoes, he doesn't like tomatoes.  He could eat black bean burgers all day.  So I tried to accommodate him with this meal and it did not turn out like I wanted.  It was bland and boring.  Lucky for me I add Rotel to my lentils and it made it ten times better.  

I will say the potatoes were very dry once I re-heated them, but I added some country crock and some of my french fry seasoning before baking and they were perfect.  I don't use a microwave anymore so everything I cook is oven or stove top.  I would have been better off chopping them up and frying them down in a little canola oil.  

I made the lentils in the crock pot and baked the yellow potatoes--I am not about to peel small yellow potatoes, he will have to just eat the inside of the potato and leave the skin.

Since there were no tomatoes in the lentils they were even more bland then normal.  Lesson learned that I will cook the way it is intended and whatever he doesn't like he will need to pick out.  I don't even seem to have a picture of the dinner.  Which is disappointing, because I liked the way it tasted.

I added Chao brand cheese slices to my dinner and devoured it.  I didn't add anything else condiment wise, because I don't think it needed it.  

Somewhere in this blog I have a pic of what the dinner looks like from a previous post.  It turned out exactly the same again.

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