Friday, October 6, 2017

Food Prep Week 9/20 and 9/25

So I didn't take a food pic for the week I was back from vacation, but my mom made me chili.  So I ate that everyday.

For the week of 9/25 I made Chipotle bowls, with Sofritas.  This was my first time ever making Sofritas and they were delicious.  Tasted so damn close to the real thing, just not as greasy because I didn't fry them in oil.

I am still food prepping for my cousin and he seems to be enjoying most of what I am making.  I made him Jackfruit tacos while I was on vacation, but he said he hated those.

We are also on a fruit kick.  I am mango obsessed since Punta Cana, so we are eating a lot of mangoes.  I used to not like mangoes, but I have broadened my horizons.

Enjoy my dinner

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