Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Food Prep 9/4

This week I wanted a salad.  I am trying to eat as light as possible before my vacation.  I really fell off of the gym these last few months.  I was doing well going in the morning, but got tired and then had my little ankle stitch and that put me back.  So I am going the week before the weight and size I am.  I must say it is smaller than when I booked the trip, so for that I am pleased.  Not my true goal, but I am down to a size 12 from a 20 so I will take it!

Anyway, I digress...this post is really about the salad.  It is huge.  I have to eat it in a big ol' Pyrex bowl. It is the entire bag of lettuce with all my toppings.  I have; corn, black olives, mushrooms, onions, organic cucumbers (from a coworker's garden at work), tomatoes, bell peppers, avocado, a chik'n patty and croutons.  I am not a huge fan of croutons, but this salad needs some crunch.

I am going to switch between my Olive Garden dressing and my Honey Mustard.  Neither are vegan, but they taste good and I have them.

My cousin opted out of salads and wanted black bean burgers. He has the same Hawaiian buns, avocado, cheese and BBQ ranch.  I gave him potato salad this week so he is eating a little more vegetarian rather than vegan.  His weight loss progress is amazing.  He hasn't weighed in since the first week, so we have no idea what his weight loss actually is, but his face looks slimmer already.

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