Monday, July 10, 2017

Food Prep Week 7/3-7/7

I can't even share food pics here, because I didn't food prep this week.  I already knew what was coming my way with 7/4 and 7/8.  Lots of junk food and crap.  I enjoyed my week believe me, but I am happy to be back on track.  My vacation is coming up in no time, so I need to get this body together asaply.

I will post my delicious Carrot walnut burger I had at Mother though.  It was very good, but I won't be going back for a long while. The cook was filthy and stuck his dirty hand inside a sauce to taste it and tell a customer what it was like, rather than dipping a spoon in the sauce and checking like a normal person would.  I will be posting on Yelp for that too.  Their food is way too expensive to be disgusted.

For lunch on my bday, we made sandwiches.  I ate vegan for that and it was the bomb.

For my bday dinner, I had sushi and sake bombs.  That was the bomb too, so enjoy the deliciousness of that too.

And on the 9th we went out for Mexican.  I knew I wasn't going to do vegan here, so I ate what I wanted.  It was very good, but very greasy.  My body can't handle anymore.





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