Friday, January 20, 2017

NYE 2016

This year we decided to do something different.  Every year we go to Faces.  Don't get me wrong Faces is fun, but it is never anything new and exciting.  It may also be that I don't drink as heavily as I used to, so I am more mindful of what is going on around me.  I did a quick search for NYE events in Sacramento and came across a singles event.  I figured what could it hurt.  Maybe I can meet someone that is worth while.  Well that never happened, but it was fun.

The event was at a local hotel by my house so the cab fare was next to nothing, which is great for NYE.  When we arrived at the time stated, no one was there.  The hostess wasn't ready to check us in and the hotel staff didn't know anything either.  I automatically thought that was not a good sign.  We waited quite a bit before she finally came down to check us in.  Once we were checked in, dinner was still not ready.  We had to wait over an hour for dinner to come our way which, mind you was an extra cost.  The food was good at least, even though they had green beans, which I hate.

There was never really an explanation as to why she was so late, not that it would have changed anything, but maybe an apology would have been nice.  Or even letting us all know what time we could expect dinner would have been nice.

While at the table we met some nice ladies (no men). And we actually exchanged numbers for future hang outs and what not.

There were 2 dance floors, one with a live band that played old school music and one that had a dj that played records.  Both were very enjoyable.

In the main room, they had some different tables.  A poker game, a psychic and some Cookie Lee crafts. The psychic was cool, which  I always enjoy going to.  So far the last psychic I saw, was not correct, so I don't expect this one to be either.  But always fun.

There was supposed to be a speed dating time, but that never occurred.  Which in reality I was very nervous to do, so part of me is glad it wasn't there.  However, if it is mentioned then it should have been offered.  I think the reason why it never happened is because there were not enough men.  There were men in couples, but not single men.  And the ones that were there were either too old, or too young.  The mix wasn't very good that's for sure.

Other than the lack of males to even attempt to speak with, the event itself was fun.  It wasn't a rager, but it was nice to get dolled up in a different way then usual.  This event was black tie/cocktail attire.

The thing about cocktail attire is women tend to still dress like hoochies.  Just because it fits doesn't make it appropriate.  There is such a thing as too short.

All in all it was fun.  I may do it again, but with far less expectations, and I would skip the dinner.

And enjoy this video.  The DJ called me out to come and dance

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