Thursday, January 26, 2017

Food Prep Week 1/23

This week we went with pasta.  My mom showed me a vegan Alfredo recipe, with cashew cream.  I was going to make that, but changed my mind and decided to make it a little more simple for myself.  Shi-Shi wanted something healthy and opted for zucchini noodles for her pasta.  I chose a store bought pasta, which was a zucchini/spinach blend rotini noodle.  Deb got true Alfredo.  We all had chicken, well I had vegan chicken.  We all had broccoli and Shi and Deb had tomatoes.  I hate cooked tomatoes...

Enjoy each different pasta meal this week:

                   Shi: Added her tomato after it was warm and has basil pesto
                   Mine: I made a butter garlic sauce.  And my chicken is on the bottom

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