Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pork Street Tacos

This week we decided on pork tacos.  I had the seasonings left from the Daal last week and wanted to use them.  They are not a normal set of seasonings that I would cook with so I wanted to hurry and use them.  I used mini flour tortillas, pork loin, pico de gallo, crema and Mexican 4 cheese blend.

I cooked everything in the crock pot, because I like the phrase, "Set it and forget it".  In the bottom of my crock pot I started with my veggie base of red onions, red and orange bell pepper and celery.  I also added minced garlic and three Chipotle spice cubes.  For the seasonings I used cumin, ground coriander, paprika, turmeric and white pepper.  I don't usually cook with salt anymore and pork is plenty salty anyway.  I cooked everything in the slow cooker (which by the way is one of the many great gifts Brother has given me.  It is a rice cooker/slow cooker) for 4 hours.  I think the meat was ready at 2.5 hours, but I let it really cook down and get tender.

Then I shredded it and portioned it out for the three of us.  Shi-Shi and I only eat lunch from home Monday thru Thursday and treat ourselves to eating out on Friday.  Friday is my true cheat day and I think it keeps me sane from eating the same stuff over and over.

On Tuesday Shi-Shi and I decided we needed lettuce, so we added that Wed and Thurs along with some Tapatio.  Then these tacos were perfection!  

Look at how beautiful this looks:

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