Saturday, February 7, 2015


I am currently signed up for a program through Kaia, I Kan Run.  Which is a training program for running.  This is currently training for the Shamrock'n in March. This is a 10 week training to build up to the half marathon.

I have always liked the idea of running, I remember when I was in junior high and a little bit of high school, that I liked to run.  I was fast and competitive.  I remember there was a girl, H, and she and I would run at the same speed and would love racing each other.

Fast forward now to adult me, and running is a different animal.  I weigh much more, I'm 20 years older and more jaded.  I have developed shin splints recently, and I think it's because of my first pair of shoes I used when I started Kaia F.I.T., last year.  They sucked.  And it took me too long to make the switch to proper cross trainers.  Not even running shoes, but my cross trainers were bad.  Aside from that, I have improved my running through the pain.

However, I still struggle with swollen limbs, my ankle is what plagues me most.
This was taken after a run just recently.  It is always swollen to that degree or greater.  My ankle actually hurts all the time, not just while I'm running.  Walking at work is horrible as well.  I am not a big believer of going in to the doctor for every ailment, I prefer to self prescribe.

Besides my poor ankle, I have excruciating shin pain.  I will say that it is getting much better, the more I run.  My main goal through this 10 week training is to eventually be able to run comfortably at my threshold pace.  Our coach went through and gave us a breakdown of our numbers, based on our mile pace.  My mile pace shown here:
Here is her breakdown sheet she gave us.  It is very motivating for us as runners to have an idea of what we should be aiming for.
My main issue is my fear of running fast.  I have a fear of running fast and causing more damage than necessary.  I am afraid that if I go for it, I will be in more pain that I already am. On the one hand, it makes it easy to run easy, but at the same time, I will never get any better if I give up so soon.

I will continue to post my running journey as we go on.  Granted we are starting Week 6 on Tuesday, so I have a back log of posts to share.  But I will.  It will be neat to look back on this blog after I have successfully completed my first half-marathon and see my progress.

On a side note: I have an inner confidence that I will be able to run the CIM 2015 that I crazily signed up for.  I don't like to not be part of the in crowd, so I signed up when all the girls signed up!  I am nervous, but I will get ready.

K, is helping me with my positive attitude, so I will keep plugging away.


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