Friday, February 18, 2011

I fell off

I have fallen off the health wagon. Only temporarily I hope (and when falling off the health wagon, I fell off the saving money wagon too).  I was doing so well, I had increased my eating to twice a day and I had cut out fast food and soda. I hadn't quite gotten the breakfast part in it. But when I did, I would eat it two out of five days. Which is way more than I ever have.  Then Lil RJ came along and sabotaged Big RJ.  I saw that I was losing massive inches, was fitting into pants and shirts I hadn't worn in years. Some things I've never worn, tag still attached. So I started allowing myself to eat out and waste money. And have one skinny margarita and waste money. Then when I would eat at home, the portions got bigger and my stomach got sicker and fuller and tighter.  Did I stop? No! I kept eating more crap, and more portions and then I started eating later and more sweets and I would allow myself one soda at work (depending on how stressed I felt). Then I stepped on that damn scale. According to my hard work, I had lost about 12lbs total (the ten I might have mentioned in the last blog) and then 2 more with my healthy eating. Well I gained back about 3...and the inches stayed off the top, but not the bottom. But I'm not so far off, that I can't correct it. But I did see what I do and how I am my own saboteur. I start doing well, start feeling better, get a new found confidence and bam...I slowly start screwing it up.  Well once I beat this strep throat (which I've lost that extra 3 lbs with, not healthy I know). I can finally go back to eating regularly. And maybe I will really start the gym this time.
I have set some small goals for myself:
I have a baby shower soon, and I don't want to look like I could pass for pregnant. I'm hoping to be at an even 200. That's eight pounds in 4 weeks.
And Lady Gaga concert is soon after. I have big plans for a wild outfit. If I can meet my goal, I'm hoping to be under 200, maybe 195...that gives me about 2 weeks.
And Travie McCoy meet and greet a couple weeks after that. If I can make these above goals, I hope I can lose another 10. by April 1st. Or maybe be a size 12. A true size 12, not a tight size 12, a relaxed and comfy 12.

Once I get back on the gym wagon, I'm taking (my only reader) Bre up on her offer for help...I want to join her at the Dailey Method!

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